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My current projects focus on bringing together the major elements that form the foundation for effective enterprise and community development while leveraging the power of computer and communication technologies. This approach offers a strategy and methodology that can result in the right kind of large scale work and job creation, an increasingly urgent global problem.

As history has demonstrated over and over again, the simplistic application and use of tools, without commensurate cultural development that takes into account social-psychological dynamics, leads to ever-increasing levels of violence and destructive use of resources. This overarching problem has been the focus of my research.

My career has covered five main areas:

  • International relations and organization, including the study of public management and organization theory/development.
  • Long-term (50 years+) policy, planning and technological forecasting, including the study of system theory and design.
  • Relating business and venture development to enterprise and community, job creation and prosperity.
  • Relating large-scale policies to individual behaviors and vice versa, including political, economic, social and psychological interrelationships.
  • The epistemological and scientific foundations for getting results with technology utilization, policy theory and practice.

All of the above has led to my current interest in culture building to deploy computer and communication technologies effectively to improve human relationships.

Below are links to some relevant publications:

The following publications were based on research funded by the U.S. Department of the Interior, Office of Water Research and Technology.  They funded the development of my Programmed Policy Decision Making Model (PROPDEMM.)

A Study of the Effectiveness of Water Resources Planning Groups A Final Report  (primary author)  The findings from this study were significant because they demonstrated the difficulties involved in large-scale, long-term coordination and collaboration among diverse groups at different levels of organization. It led to my interest in integration and levels of analysis problem-solving. There have been few studies of this kind before and since.

Integrating Water Resources and Land Use Planning  (Principal Investigator and author)  At a foundational level, this research highlighted the need to emphasize the applied integration of complex systems.  This publication is cited in the U.S. Corps of Engineers Planning Manual as one of five books among "the better ones" written over a period of two decades.

The Virgin River Basin Study: A Regional Approach to Multiobjective Planning for Water and Related Resources  This research was a study of multi-objective planning issues and the application of PROPDEMM.

Levels of Analysis in Comprehensive River Basin Planning  (Principal Investigator until I accepted new position at SUNY, Buffalo)  This research was based on the recognition that applied systems design lacked conceptual models and practical methods to deal effectively with multiple levels of organization and behavior. It is partly this research that contributed to my interest in Stafford Beer's work and viable systems.

Below are links to additional publications (being updated)

The Enterprise and Community Prosperity Model  This model is the foundation for the Prosperity Initiative that is my main current interest. It is my belief that creating general prosperity is the first step we must take to resolve many other human-caused problems. However, to create general prosperity we must address corruption at root levels, which requires culture building. Challenging, but why not? Personally, I haven't been able to identify anything better to do.


(time periods overlap)

5 Years Socio Technical Systems Design Enterprise and Community Development, Job Creation and Culture Building, Internet Platforms

5 Years Clinical and Social Psychology Personality and Behavior Research, Foundations of Social and Cultural Systems

15 Years Business and Venture Development Computers and Internet, Micro Business Development and Growth

2 Years Special Assignment National Science Foundation Program Manager Science Education Development and Research--National Impact Projects

10 Years University Faculty and Researcher Policy and Planning, System Theory, Public Management


Socio-Technical System Design 10/10

Venture and Community Economic Development 8/10

Job Policy Implementation 7/10

Web Presence Systems 7/10

  • VRCities Home Page
  • VRCities Forum Boards
  • VRCities Home Page
  • VRCities Forum Boards


VRCities is being developed and implemented as a large-scale, socio-technical system that combines both human relationships and communities with electronic and computer-facilitated interactions.

VRCities is designed to be a platform that integrates different levels of human interactions, including individual connections, group activities, community building and enterprise support. I believe that this type of integrated platform provides an effective foundation for creating work and jobs.

  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Group and Community Synergy
  • Enterprise Success
  • Forum Communications

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  • Internet Marketing and Web Presence
  • Marker

NetPartners Marketing

In just a few years the Internet has experienced dramatic changes that makes effective online marketing much more difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME's) than it was even two years ago. This is the result of several converging trends that have been taking place over the last two decades, including concentration of economic activity, globalization and the maturation of the Internet.

Today and in the coming years, organizational leaders must come to grips with the fact that the effective use of computer and communications technologies is not so much about marketing, but rather depends on presence. Competing to implement and maintain an effective web presence will be more and more challenging.

  • Efficient, relevant and networked content
  • Sustained, interactive and personal communications
  • An integrated web presence system

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  • Canadian Anti-Corruption League Home Page
  • Canadian Anti-Corruption League Forum Boards
  • Canadian Anti-Corruption League Home Page
  • Canadian Anti-Corruption League Forum Boards

Canadian Anti-Corruption League

Corruption goes far beyond the abuse of pubice office. Corruption is like cancer, but it is actually much worse. It is worse because not only is at at the root of most human-caused problems, but it is also a disease of the spirit.

It is nearly impossible to have prosperity where there is corruption. Even if general prosperity is achieved for a time, prosperity cannot be maintained if corruption is allowed to persist, as is happening in the United States and Canada. There are four main cures for corruption

  • Transparency
  • Control of undue influence
  • Reporting of corrupt behavior
  • Accountability

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  • Fee Exchanges Network Home Page
  • Fee Exchanges Network  Forum Boards
  • Fee Exchanges Network  Home Page
  • Fee Exchanges Network  Forum Boards

Free Exchanges Trade Network

Free Exchanges is being developed to increase and facilitate trade activity at all levels of the global economy by making better use of Internet technologies and social networks.

Prosperity requires economic activity involving trade and exchange of goods and services based on trusted networks. Methods that facilitate commerce by increasing the velocity of money bring greater prosperity. Free Exchanges is implementing a comprehensive system that fosters the following:

  • Trade, barter and commerce
  • Use of complementary currency
  • Buying group services

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I am currently consulting as lead developer for, NetPartners Marketing, Anti-Corruption Leagues and Free-Exchange Trading System. I am available for short-term projects only.

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